The Last Ride – 30 years on

The Last Ride is documented on the website here:

At this years Terra Nova Enduro, and in memory of Ilkka Jalaskari, the original attendees decided to reunite in celebration on the 30 year anniversary of the demise of Can-Am. They haven’t aged a bit!

Many thanks to Grant Bond and Bob Turnbull for providing the image.

Can-am Last Ride, 30 years later

Back Row: Scott Walker, 1987 CA 406 ASE, Ross Lennox 1987 406 ASE, Bob Kendall 1984 CA 250 L/C ASE, Gary Klassen, 1987 CA 406 ASE, Steve Brand, 1987 CA 250 ASE , , Steve Turnbull, 1987 CA 406 ASE, Bob Turnbull 1987 CA 200 ASE,  Ian Peters, 1987 CA 406 ASE, Grant Bond 1985 CA 250 ASE

Front Row: Blair Sharpless, 1987 CA 250 ASE, Ilkka Jalaskari’s ISDE red fleece jacket hanging on the bars.

Bikes: Bob Turnbull’s  1987 CA200 ASE, Blair Sharpless’s 1987 ISDE bike.

Last ride Can-Am Riders that day missing from picture: Dave Marr 1987 CA 250 ASE , , Chris Ellis, 1985 CA Sonic 560.

RIP: Ilkka Jalaskari, 1987 CA 250 ASE, January 2017, Nigel Read, 1985 CA 500 ASE, June 2017

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