Sometimes I get random photos sent to me, but the moodiness of this great shot is just terrific. It says everything about growing up in Canada in the ’70s.

Andy Thorpe shares the story “Here is a photo of my friend Bart that I took  in Josephburg Alberta in 1976 with a Polaroid camera I bought at Bart’s family garage sale.   The jump was an intersecting driveway into the rec centre off the road going past the grain elevators.  We would get a run at the jump on the road past the elevators, cut right down into the ditch, jump over the intersecting driveway, and get on the brakes immediately after landing to avoid running into a chain link fence.  At the time I was riding a 75 Harley Z90 (still have it)  I bent my forks out from underneath the bike upon landing this jump!”

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