Can-Am Clothing and Memorabilia

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Official Can-Am Clothing

A full ensemble of clothing for the trendy enduro rider was available.

Clothing LR



One of kind toe caps?

When these toe caps suddenly appeared on EBay with the  following description, I just had to win them to find out the story.

These were given to me by Jimmy Ellis on Nov. 2nd, 1974, the day before the now infamous Edison Dye cancelled Trans-AMA race was to be held at St. Charles, Missouri. Photos of these appeared in the Full Bore boot ads during that time with Gary Jones and Jimmy Ellis. Probably the only pair of these on the planet

Here’s the story that came with the toe caps, from Don Henriques of Arizona:

As for the history, it really all started in (I think) 1973. My Dad and I were at Boston Cycles on a wintery Saturday morning looking for a 125cc motorcross bike. I had been racing a pumped up CT175 Yamaha in the 250 Novice class in the NESC (New England Sport Committee) series. I was only 15 years old but had been racing for three years in up-state New York in the mini bike class. I was looking at buying either a Montessa, a TM125, or a YZ125. In asking about used bikes the salesman told us that Jimmy’s used (last years) silver tanked 125 YZ race bike was for sale. At the time he was a local star sponsored by Boston Cycles. He told us that they (Jimmy and his Dad George) were at the practice track. I wasn’t driving so I don’t remember the exact location of the track but I thought it was called Cherry Hill near Pepperell. Anyhow, we got there and met Jimmy and George. We looked at the bike but did not ride it as I had no gear with me. It looked fresh enough for me and the price was good, but my Dad had the sense to realize the bike was probably used up.

We ended up getting on the waiting list for one of the new production CR125 Hondas, getting the 4th one that Boston Cycles received. Fast forward to that Trans-AMA race in Missouri. I was there pitting a support class rider Mark Herrington from California. I approached Jimmy during Saturday practice and we talked about NESC and some of the guys who were now hot there now that Jimmy was gone (Charlie Iott and Mark Bettencourt). I told him then how cool I thought those CanAms toe protectors were on his Full Bores and he said he would give me a set if I would dump that Honda and get a CanAm. I said OK. He said he would get them from the Full Bore rep. and give them to me around dinner time that night at the Howard Johnsons (host hotel resturant). That night it was pouring rain and I saw Jimmy sitting at the counter eating. I sat down to his right and asked him where those toe protectors were and bam, he pulled them out of his pocket and slammed them down on the bar. I said thanks and pocketed them. He was ordering dessert and asked me if I wanted some ice cream. I said OK and while we were eating ice cream Gary Jones comes up and sits on the right side of me. Jimmy introduced me to Gary and he got some ice cream too. It was a pretty cool to be sitting between the two of them. Jimmy picked up the tab. They both turned in super early.

That was the last time I ever saw either one of them again in person. The race was cancelled Sunday (after much rioting).

Can-Am Bunny

With the launch of the Qualifier, Can-Am decided they needed some sort of mascot. For some reason a rabbit was chosen – not sure why – but it obviously didn’t receive  a warm welcome, as by the following year it had disappreared from all literature.

Can-Am Decals

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