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The website is my attempt to record the history of these bikes, their racing pedigree and the people involved. I’m always looking for additional information, contributions, corrections and photos of Can-Am’s in action.

I’ll be glad to hear from you about anything Can-Am.

With a little help from…….

I am indebted to the following people who have helped with information, stories, photographs and a heck of a lot of humour about Can-Am:

Al Roberts,  Blair Sharpless,  Gary Travis,  Chris Malam,  Christine Smith,  Doug Gropp,  Eric Eibell,  Fabrice Goutard,  Gary Smith, Gary Scott,  Geoff Burgess,  Nick Brown,  Jeff Langille,  Jeff Smith,  John Craner,  John Halfpenny,  John Hume,  John Sickenius,  Lee Robison,  Paul Laredo,  Paul Wilkinson,  Paul Kalika,  Remi Leclerc,  Richard Nixon,  Steve Bizzle,  Steve Brand,  Uwe Lackner, Tony Murphy

And I’m sorry if I’ve missed you! Just drop me line to tell me off and I will get it corrected.

The Bike That Started it All

It was while attending the Life and Times of the Motorcycle Exhibition at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum just south of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 2005 that my boyhood interest in Can-Am’s was stirred. The bike was a 1975 TnT 250 owned by Kelly Spongberg of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. I traveled home and immediately started the search for my own. A few months later I had tracked down an MX1 125.

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