The links below are sites I regularly visit for Can-Am and Vinduro news and information. The vendors are all companies I have bought parts from and have had excellent service when dealing with (apart from Bing carbs!)
Can-Am Facebook Group
Canned-Ham Facebook Page The Canned-Ham page is here :

My personal page is here :

Al Roberts

The Texas based collector who can supply a wide range of Can-Am parts, including plastics, engine parts, decals etc Email only at: or phone (409) 755 4202 but be patient he’s a busy man!

Can-Am Yahoo Group

Yahoo forum group for all things Can-Am

Classic Dirt Bike

A top quality magazine covering the vintage dirt bike scene

DC Plastics

DC supply both plastics and spares for early year Can-Am’s

Sasquatch Cycle

Racers, restorers and organisers of vintage racing from Erin, Ontario


Randy provides an excellent service for reproduction plastics and Can-Am parts

VMX Magazine

The magazine that started the whole vintage dirt bike scene.

Military Can-AM

Paul can source all things with the military Can-Am

Can-Am Clinic

Richard is a top bloke who has personally rebuilt my MX-2 engine and regularly competes in LDT’s

Rotax UK

Peter Knight has now retired and sold his business to Forces


Good luck!


The official site for the ISDE


Gavin and Nigel deserve a big hand for getting Vinduro up and running in the UK


Remi can provide a number of unique parts including decals


Nothing to do with Can-Am just my local bike shop who are excellent to deal with

Yves excellent website for news and features on Vinduro

Reproduction Decals

Can-Am decals, including trials bikes!

MX Works Bikes

Terry Good’s collection of MX works bikes is second to none.

Can-Am BRP

Bombardiers’ corporate website for modern Can-Am


Steve Brands excellent range of body armour and riding accessories

Swedish Can-Am race team

Site of the leading vintage Can-Am race team in Sweden

Vintage Roost

Based in Stone Plains Alberta, Glenn has started to supply Can-Am and vintage MX parts

Motorsport Publications

Christine Smith’s (Jeff Smith’s daughter) site for British publications in USA


Can-Am control cables and Magura levers


American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association

Enduro News

For all your UK Enduro events


Martin’s the source for all things SWM

Rod Spry

Vintage MX restoration doesn’t get better than this

Rotax Belgium

Andre’s  supplies Rotax parts in Blegium. Site is in French but Andre does speak English

HVA Factory

Andy Elliot is the man for Husky

Classic Enduro Events

Graham “Grip” Waywell has started to organise classic friendly enduros


If you think Can-Am’s are obscure, welcome to Wilcomoto’s

Armstrong Trials

Got a Can-Am trials bike? Then check this out


Excellent web development, and bike nut

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