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The listing below is not complete, its only what I have scanned in at the moment. Let me know if you are looking for something specific

MX Workshop Manuals

MX 1 workshop manual, includes TnT
MX 2 workshop manual, include TnT
MX 3 workshop manual, includes TnT and Qualifier
MX 4 workshop manual, includes Qualifier
MX 5 workshop manual, includes Qualifier
MX 6 workshop manual, includes Qualifier
MX6B workshop supplement

MX Parts Catalogues

MX 1 125 and 175 parts catalogue – includes TnT
MX2 250 parts catalogue
MX 3 parts catalogue – includes TnT and Qualifier
MX 4 parts catalogue – includes Qualifier
MX 5 250 / 370 parts catalogue
MX6 125/250/400 parts catalogue
CMX 500 parts catalogue
CMX 125/250/400/486/500 parts catalogue

Operator Manuals

MX 1 125 and 175 operators manual
MX 3 operators manual
CMX 500 operators manual

TnT Manuals (see MX for workshop manuals)

TnT supplement to MX workshop manuals
TnT 3 175/250  parts catalogue

Qualifier (see MX for workshop manuals)

Qualifier 2 175/250/370 parts catalogue
Qualifier 4 125 parts catalogue
Qualifier 4 175/250/400 parts catalogue
Qualifier 4 125/175/250/400 and Sonic 500 workshop manual


1987 ASE 200/250/406 operators guide

LC MX and Sonic

Sonic workshop manual – see Qualifier 4
LC MX parts catalogue – covers 125/250 LC MX, 500MX and Sonic MX


Series 1 workshop manual – serial number 8801 and 8802
Series 2 workshop manual – serial number 8960
Military parts catalogue
Early shaft motor parts catalogue
Late shaft motor parts catalogue
Canadian military supplement
Canadian operators manual


320 Hiro engined parts manual
Mini Bike - including Bantam trail, Bantam cross and Junior Cross
Mini bike workshop manual

Rotax Motor Parts Lists

Original Rotax parts catalogues for oil injection and premix motors, including 125, 175, 250, 370, 400

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