Below is a copy of the various official Can-Am technical documents. Some are for the military model, but most Can-Am’s share the same basic configuration, especially with the Rotax engines.

Looking for workshop manuals, operators manuals or parts lists? Look under Manuals on the Technical Menu.  I have most manuals for the MX, TnT, Qualifier, ASE and Sonic models but don’t publish the full document on the website. For a donation to keep Canned-Ham going, I will email you a pdf copy of the manual. Just send me an email to letting me know what you need.

As time permits, I will be publishing more extracts from the various manuals I own.

Can-Am Model Identification

A list of frame serial numbers allowing model identification. Early models have matching engine numbers stamped on the UNDERSIDE of the motor. The number on the top near the drive sprocket is the Rotax serial number. Frame Serial Number.pdf

Jack Stand

Instructions and drawings for building a bike stand for the early MX and military models Stand

Frame Colour

Common question is what colour are Can-Am frames:
RAL 2002 for red Qualifiers, RAL 2004 for the MX5/6 orange, and RAL 7035 for the grey MX4.

Disk Location

Information on how to properly locate the disk valve when rebuilding or changing 224.107 – 244 LS

Disk Comparison

Photocopy of disks showing differences between MX, Enduro and Military/TnT

Oil Drain

A common problem is people release the kick start spring retainer. The middle bolt is the drain plug. Oil drain plug.pdf

138 List

Rotax parts list for 138 motor as used in the Qualifier 250 LIST 138 244 END 1976-7 Qualifier 1 250 Engine

163 List

Rotax parts list for the 163 motor as used in the early MX and TnT models. Should be the 180 list but Rotax no longer recognise it. Parts are compatible between the two lists. 163 list.pdf

196 List

Rotax parts list for the 370cc motor as used in the MX-6 and Qualifier 196 list 370cc .pdf

Can-Am Military Info

Official British Army information manual. Contains some useful information about the Rotax motor. Military info.pdf

Oil Ratio

Chart showing 1:30 oil ratio Oil Ratio

Engine Disassembly

Taken from the MX-1 manual, how to disassemble your Rotax motor Engine Disassembly.pdf

Engine Assembly

And how to put it together again! Engine Assembly.pdf

Exploded Engine

And what it should look like when it’s all apart Exploded Engine.pdf

54 Bing Carb

Bing carb exploded diagram as used on the 370cc engine 54 Bing Carb.pdf

84 Bing Carb

Bing carb exploded diagram as used on nearly all Valcourt models 84 Bing Carb.pdf

Early 84 Bing Carb

Bing carb exploded diagram as used on the early MX’s and TnT’s Early 84 Bing Carb.pdf

MX-6 Wiring

Wiring diagram for the MX-6 MX-6 Wiring.pdf

MX-6 125 Stator

The MX-6 125 is unique in that it uses a timing box in its wiring. These often fail and this procedure shows how to modify the timing to suit the box removal Warranty Bulletin 81-1 (MX6 125 timing box)

TnT wiring

Wiring diagram for the TnT TnT wiring.pdf

Lighting Diagram

Bombardiers own instruction to their dealers on how to retrofit lights to early MX models 1973-75 Lighting Diagram.pdf

Factory Specs

Dealers spec sheet for 1975 TnT models 1975 TnT Factoryspecs.pdf

Fork Oil

MX-6 Fork oil specs and quantities Fork_Oil.pdf


CDI’s often run hot and are susceptible to vibration, this mod was recommended CDI Alum Plate Mount

Foam Block Removal

Having difficulty with the oil injection? Have you removed the foam block? Foam Block 2
Clutch Adjustment Taken from the Military Bike manual, how to adjust the premix style clutch Clutch Adjust

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