Can-Am ASE Enduro

First produced in 1984, the ASE was one of the first models produced under the arrangement by Armstrong/CCM to manufacture the bikes in England. ASE stands for Aircooled Single shock Enduro

A new design, the bike tried to follow the development that had occurred in dirt bikes, during the early 80’s. This was namely large front forks, mono-shock suspension, raised ground clearance and a rather beefy aluminium rear swing arm.

The bike still made use of the well used and traditional Can-Am 250cc Rotax 2 stroke motor, but the oil injection system was long gone, relying on premix fuel.

Sales were never good, as the bikes were really badged as Can-Am’s for the North American market.

The brochures are posted as both Jpeg and low resolution PDF’s due to file size limitations of the website. Contact me if you require a high resolution scan

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