Can-Am Flat Tracker

Can-Am never made an actual flat track model, but in 1975 launched a factory manual outlining how an MX-2 or TnT model could be converted for short track racing. The manual listed specific parts and modifications required to convert the bike. In 1976 there was also an official report produced of a test session undertaken at a real race at the Belleville Onatrio track.

Champion Frames did launch a bespoke frame that could be used with the Can-Am Rotax motor.

The brochures are posted as both Jpeg and low resolution PDF’s due to file size limitations of the website. Contact me if you require a high resolution scan.








Race Report

Copy of a report from 1976 into how competitive a 250 MX2 Can-Am was against a 360 Japanese bike. Racing at Belleville, Ontario, the Can-Am finished first.

Conversion Manual

Can-Am believed there was a sufficient enough market for flat tracking that they produced their own manual as to how to convert an early MX model into a tracker

Dirt Tracker LR4

C&J Framed Flat Tracker

Some people have all the luck. Chris Hart sent me pictures of this original C&J framed flat tracker he recently acquired. It is believed to be a factory prototype Can-Am had built for Alex Jorgensen. Supposedly only were 4 built, but check out that serial number. One of 25? Or the 25th R&D bike built?

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