Can-Am Military

On a website dedicated mainly to the enduro and ISDT exploits of Can-Am’s, a special mention has to be made of military machine, as no other single bike features in Long Distance Trials (LDT) in the UK than the Can-Am.

Heavily based on the later model TnT, the military bike was developed mainly for the army as a general workhorse and vehicle for despatching. Although originally intended for the Canadian army, its low set height, gentle manner (thanks to a detuned 250cc engine) and overall handing found favour with the British and Belgium armies as well.

Between 1978 and 1980, the British Army purchased over 5,000 of these machines. Due to the 1990’s disarmament in Europe, nearly all were released to private ownership and hence their popularity in LDT’s.

Two models were produced the MK1 and MK2, with very few differences between the two. A quick way of telling is to look at the indicators (turn signals) the MK1 had half round indicators identical to the TnT, while the MK2 had a more modern looking flat circular type lens and housing. The two models stemmed from two different contracts for their production. In 1978 contract FVE22A/36 produced MK1 bikes with frame numbers starting with 8960. MK2 bikes were produced under contract FVE22A/88 providing frame numbers 8801 for right hand road use in Germany and 8802 for left hand road use in the UK.

For more information and a range of the technical manuals for the military bike, please look under Technical.

Original factory photos :


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