Can-Am TnT Track ‘n’ Trail

Trail Bike

The TnT (Track ‘n Trail) was the trail bike model of the MX, sharing the same chassis and engine. There were slight differences in porting with a slightly lower compression ratios, but essentially it was the same motor as the MX models. Although in later models the rotary valve was changed to provide a better power (more torgue) range. The only other differences are the inclusion of lighting ( via a 4 or 6 pole stator) and a speedometer.

The TnT only lasted for the early years, quickly replaced with the Qualifier model in late 1976.

Below are two photographs by Gary Scott, one of the original development engineers, showing prototype TnT’s. Note the differences in tank logos, carb positioning and rear brake. The bike on the right is believed to be Jeff Smiths original factors prototype.


Original Sales Brochures and Specification Sheets

The brochures are posted as both Jpeg and low resolution PDF’s due to file size limitations of the website. Contact me if you require a high resolution scan.

TnT First Series

TnT 1 LR

TnT1 spec sheet

TNT MX 1 Brochure

TnT Second Series

TnT 2

TnT 2 Spec Sheet

1974 TnT Mag Ad

TnT Third Series

TnT 3a LR

TnT3 Spec Sheet

1976 TnT Mag Ad

TnT O/R Model

TnT 175 OR LR

TnT 175 OR Spec

Enduro Conversion Kit

Can-Am Master Enduro Kit. Used to turn your TnT into a full enduro model

Worlds most northern Can-Am?

How far north have you ever seen a Can-Am? Lying 2 degrees north of the Arctic circle, Inuvik is about as far north as you can go in Canada. This photo from 1977 shows that even Can-Am made this far! Way back in ’77 Andre Ravary was stationed there is his role with the Canadian Armed Forces. Along with two other friends, they all bought Can-Ams to ride the local roads and tundra. Sadly 3 years later girlfriends got in the way and the bike was traded for a 500 Yamaha.

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