Can-Am Trials

In another attempt to capture more of a European market, and share brand development with Armstrong, a trials bike was launched. Originally planned with a Hiro engine, they were eventually sold with a Rotax engines due to problems with supply (Hiro went into insolvency). Generally developed as an Armstrong/CCM model, they were rebadged as Can-Ams for the American and Canadian markets.

First year for production was 1983 with a red frame called the CMT 310 with a Hiro motor. Next year the same bike was released with a white frame called the CMT 320. In 1985 the bike was redesigned due to the loss of supply of the Hiro motor. The new bike was cloned from the SWM Jumbo and came with a 350 Rotax engine. The model run ceased with the 270cc aluminium framed mono-shock model the 300AT in 1987.

Rare, they do appear for sale from time to time. It is difficult to estimate the precise number of bikes what were made. I have spoken to people who were involved and they have commented that Armstrong models were often shipped, with replacement Can-Am stickers.

The brochures are posted as both Jpeg and low resolution PDF’s due to file size limitations of the website. Contact me if you require a high resolution scan.

1983 Trials Spec

1985 Trials Spec

240 and 350 Trials Intro

Hiro 310 Intro

320 Trials Intro

1983 Spec Sheet                                                1985 Spec Sheet

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