The Afternoon

"A moment of madness..."


Bold, daring and inventive The Afternoon was the first film produced under the independent label ToutatisPictures. Using a fractured narrative structure and a non linear approach to storytelling, Daniel Stocker’s debut short film tells of the fateful last few hours of a doomed relationship. Written by Daniel Stocker while a student at the A.F.E.C.T. Film School, The Afternoon was shot completely on 16mm film stock that was bought, borrowed or stolen from everywhere! The fully exterior shoot took place in Morden Hall Park, a National trust reservation in South London. The many script reversions called for a punt in one draft before being re-written late on the night before the final day’s shooting. The practical hurdles and physical demands of a fully exterior shoot made the making of The Afternoon an arduous task. Several reshoots for difficult to film scenes were done a few weeks later, along with the addition of it’s now famous voiceover. It was then cut by hand using a splicer and a roll of sellotape! The final picture was then mixed at Film London with sound effects and it’s original score.

The completed short was selected for the Portobello Film Festival in 20?? and for the very 1st London Filmmakers Convention in 20??. It was telecined by Technicolor and made into a DVD.




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TP_TA 002

The Afternoon final quad poster