The Nights



I’m writing the script for The Nights. And I want you ALL to be there with me*!

(*Ok, maybe not all there with me 100% of the time – like those 2 in the morning times when I’m completely lost for unique character names and tearing my hair out over pacing and structure issues probably wouldn’t be pretty, but the rest of the time – yes! I want you right there with me.)

I want to experiment and reach out to test the power of social media to support the creation of something positive, taking a story from a concept to a written script. The plan is to invite you inside the writing process like never before and have you all with me on this. Please come with me on this journey. Contribute your ideas, words of support, likes, dropping in to say hi, anything that will help move the needle forward.

Discipline and focus can be hard. The ability to stick with something when the passion with which it was ignited starts to leave you is hard. I’ll have much more incentive to persevere with it if I know I have support of you all. Thank you. Updates will cover all social media.


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