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Teach Tech delivers patient teaching & guidance to anyone who finds technology daunting, empowering them to use the internet & social media safely & confidently.

In this continually changing and progressively more online World, it can be confusing, a little daunting and time consuming to play catch up. At it’s best, this digital world alleviates social isolation and simplifies interaction, paying bills and accessing public services. However, despite this seismic World shift, there is an important demographic that can easily become left behind in this evolution.

In the UK, we’re currently living in an ageing society. This is due to falling birthrates and lengthier lives. Estimates from the WHO suggest that globally speaking (and for the first time in history!) the number of people aged 65 & over will by 2050 outnumber children aged 5 & under. Figures go on to suggest there are almost 14.7 million people that are currently over 60 (which equates to around 23% of the population) in the UK. All of these people share needs, interests and challenges that are part of the culturally and commercially changing social landscape.

These people are often last on the list to be “upgraded”. They can be misunderstood or worse still……..forgotten. More than 75% of people aged 65 and over live in rural areas where innovation (i.e. super fast internet) hasn’t caught up yet. These people are being left behind and in extreme cases, becoming socially isolated – leading to them feeling depressed, alone and unwanted. 1.2m older people in the UK feel chronically lonely, which greatly impacts health, becoming a bigger cause of early deaths than obesity. As time passes these people, who’s health is already frayed, become less mobile and their world becomes smaller and darker.

It is these people that require tech education so they can make the most of what technology can provide for them and their lives. Social sites can be a key way for older people to remain connected to friends/family even if they live hundreds or thousands of miles away. Maintaining these relationships can help a population that is ageing and that are vulnerable to feelings of loneliness and disconnection.

Daniel Stocker – Teach Tech is set up to meet the needs of this demographic and provide simplified, jargon busting technology education. Using a patient, understanding and personal approach Teach Tech provides an environment where people who might find it daunting can learn and equip themselves to properly utilise the internet safely and confidently.

Everyone who takes part in the course is welcomed into the Teach Tech family and community, and provided with ongoing guidance & support. They become part of our extended social family on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where I am never far away. I encourage everyone who takes part to follow each other and to support mutual interests, to interact and to “like” as much as possible! Everything I do, I do first by example so I’m usually the first to offer a thumbs up or retweet to a new post by a past student.

My Dad (father-in-law actually but that’s not how it works in Indian families!) always tells me “this life is a school” and he’s right. Why should we stop learning or cease being curious just because we become older? Education should be something that goes on forever. And we owe it to these people who have done so much for us in our lives to not leave them behind and to make them a priority.

Daniel Stocker – is their window into this new World 🌍 and I can’t wait for them to see it.

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